Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pastrami wars!

I interrupt my French-themed postings with this incredibly important announcement:

The geniuses at New York Magazine's "Grub Street" posted about the upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations, which includes a lot of fun things, like going to Kampuchea, Pat LaFrieda Meats, and even Bourdain butchering a pig, yikes, but what is actually the most important thing is that he and several other judges (including a rando off the street) will decide who has a better pastrami sandwich: Katz's or 2nd Ave. Deli.

I gotta go with Katz's here, but j'adore 2nd Ave. Deli as well. Plus the sad, sad, story of what happened to its previous own in the East Village (murdered during a mugging) makes me want them to win it, just because, but Katz's pastrami is a bit thicker and jucier and apparently sliced by hand (versus 2nd Ave.'s machine-cut) and that may put it over the edge.

Regardless, both are damn good. Purists will argue with me, but I gotta have my pastrami as follows: on toasted Jewish rye bread with oven-roasted onions and spicy brown mustard. Melted Swiss cheese optional. Pickle on the side a must.

Original NY Mag post
2nd Ave. Deli (in Murray Hill now)
Katz Deli

A post on Beef Bourgiunon TK, to round out my France trip musings, and all this talk of pastrami sandwiches makes me want to do an "Ode to the Deli," quite possibly the greatest thing about the NYC food scene.

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  1. 2nd Ave. Deli! The Katz pastramis are almost too big to actually be enjoyed...although perhaps I am biased, since 2nd Ave. is open late night and I live in M. Hill. Anything tastes better at that hour.