Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Mother's Day!

And what is birthday without some yummy food to go along with it? Vronsky and I had a lovely dinner last night at One if By Land, Two if By Sea (get the roast duck, mmm) and while One if By Land is very heavy on the Ye Olde New Englande decor, the place I am going to tonight with my lovely gals, Pipa, is decorated in the exact opposite pastiche. "Modern Ornate" is the best way I can describe it. The ceilings are dripping with chandelier after funky chandelier, all for sale at the ABC store next door. A fun, festive atmosphere for celebrating the fact that I am going to have to start lying about my age soon, and that these old bones probably shouldn't be having that extra plate of their delicious calamari, but what the hell.

My birthday always falls on or near Mother's Day, and I was lucky enough to go home to Washington DC to spend some quality time with my mom, which included chasing pugs, eating her yummy spaghetti, shopping for some new rugs, trying on her wedding dress (pretty! But way too small as she is in the running for World Tiniest Woman) and her veil (also pretty! And a win, since how could a veil not fit?). We also made sure we ordered a celebratory cake from the incredible Pastries by Randolph in Arlington. Yellow cake with butter cream frosting and chocolate flowers. Delicious! I tried to eat it all before I left but couldn't, so whatever is left over my mom is freezing for next time.

Hug your moms today or give them a call, as every day is mothers day! I mean this, too. If you were a bad child and forgot, send them an Edible Arrangement. I love these things and send them to family, friends, work people, and am tempted to even send one to myself. They're fun and tasty! What more could you want? And with the incredible rich meal I had last night and the one TK tonight, I think a nice cleansing pineapple/cantaloupe flower or two would be just thing.

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  1. Pastries by Randolph did our wedding cake! They did such a fabulous job and didn't charge much at all!